The Next Tuesday

Wow, it’s been a little while.

Picked up that MP3 player, and I have to tell you it’s great!
It’s so small, not at all expensive for the memory size, and it sounds great.
The headphones that come with it suck, but they generally do.

So, Canada Day came and went, and it was alright.
We didn’t go downtown since we’re all lazy gits.
We spent most of the evening at Scotts and did the BBQ and fireworks thing. Doug bought fireworks and we went down to the beach to fire them off and piss off Scotts neighbours.
The latter was just a bonus ^_^

The rest of the weekend just sorta came and went. I has happy to have the four days off, but I really don’t think I did anything useful with them.
Feels like kind of a waste really.
That’s why this week I want to try and get some stuff done, stuff that I meant to do long ago.
Yes Clair, that includes finally finishing your website ^_^
I mean, it’s only taken 5…7 months so far…god I suck.

I also get this Friday off, so once again I’m gonna try to get some StoryBoard stuff done, maybe even finished.
Doubt it.

I’m also working on a new site design. Don’t know why really, just need a change I guess.
Maybe I should try to hold it to an annual event…but who am I kidding?
I wonder how long this design has been around?

Well, since I’m at work, I better pretend to work…I mean, work real hard…

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