The Omen

Just came back from seeing hte Omen remake.
Kudos for selling the same script twice ^_^
Not my line, can’t remember who said it, but it’s so true. With the exception of one scene, there was no difference between this one and the original.
Now, some people would say; then why remake it?
They have a really good point. WIth the obvious exception of making some money, there was no need to remake this film.

I will now go over the highlights(at least for me):
– It appears that they did both the beheading scene and falling scene in the same manner as the original
– The end is the same

These were my greatest “concerns”. I say it that way because, honestly, if they did them differently, then it would have just been typical.
I do wonder if I would have walked out if they had changed the ending?

I was also curious as to what they would have changed to scare a modern audience. I think that an audiance in 2006 is slightly different than a 1976 audience.
Modern movie goers need a little more to make them jump out of their seat, and this movie provided a few of those scenes.
Now, I don’t care for these scenes because it doesn’t take talent or a lot of thought to make someone jump. Hell, all it takes is someone jumping out of a closet or sneaking up on you when you’re not paying attention. If someone at work can startle me by walking around the corner, then it doesn’t take talent.
It takes talent to keep an audience from giggling after you scare them silly. That didn’t happen here.
*jump**giggle giggle giggle*
Oh yea, that’s scarey.

All in all, it didn’t suck, in as much as the original didn’t suck either.

I also wonder if they’ll do the sequals? If they hurry, the can still get Sam Neill to play Damien in the third movie.

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