The Weekend and Beyond!

Interesting weekend.
Friday was off to Cornwall to watch Tom Cochrane. He still puts on a good show for being a million years old 😛
Saturday was off to ‘s cottage. Or his parents cottage, whatever.
Got there for about noon on Saturday and the dog just didn’t stop moving the entire time ^_^
There was beer, badminton and…uh…rain.
It’s too bad that the weather actually got better just as I was leaving.
Oh well, that’s just the way it goes.

Leaving for Otakon Thursday morning.
Dropping the dog off Wednesday night.
Also going to hang out with Tara that night. Not sure what we’ll do yet as she has class until 9.

I should change the oil before then.

Tomorrow I’m gonna play(and loose badly at) tennis with Tara. She needs me to pick up real balls though.
Tennis balls.

I’m also gonna get my hair cut(properly) sometime this week.
Maybe Tuesday…maybe tonight!
Who knows?

I should also look at getting some proper shoes for tennis. Tennis shoes maybe?
Or just some nice sneaks for everyday use.
I hate shopping for shoes. They all feel comfortable when I try them on, but die right around the time I want to use them.
Mind you, those are the $20 shoes. Maybe if I spend a wee bit more, I’d be better off.
Arg, shoes are soooo expensive. And I just know they won’t last. At least, not with me ^_^

I think I’m gonna do a bunch of running around today after my show. It should make for an exhausting evening…

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