Watching the 4400 on my days off. I know I should be doing something more productive, but I’m not…
It’s not holding my attention like I thought it would. Battlestar held my attention like nobodys business, but this…not so much.
It’s still good, and it really has the potential to get better, I just hope I make it that far ^_^

Weekend was pretty excellent. The dog liked the water. She didn’t swim, but she did go in up to her neck without any hesitation. It was just the times that she tried to shake herself dry, while being in the water, that was a little weird.
But then, she wouldn’t be my dog if she tried anything else.
Things I’ve learned:
1. My dog likes peanuts, and knows how to eat them. As in, she’ll break open the shell, eat the peanut, and not eat the rest of the shell. Pretty slick.
2. Dogs are very protective of their food and food dishes. There were some, skirmishes, this weekend regarding that. Sadly, this isn’t something that you can train a dog not to do, unless there are other dogs always around. but now that we know, we can just seperate the dogs when they’re eating.
3. I thought there was something here…

Today I’m going to see if I can pick up an ultrasonic dog whistle. I know that they exist, I’ve just never seen them for sale. Sure, you can get dog whistles, but I can hear them, and that means others can hear them, and that’s not what I’m looking for. Apparently there are some electronic ones, and I’ll see if I can snag one of those.

There was something else I wanted to go pick up…ah yes, Afterbite. Seems there are some bugs at the cottage, who knew?

Also, finding truely silent dog whistles are not easy. They all say that they’re silent, but I can still hear them. And if I can hear them, and I know that my hearing isn’t that good, then they can’t be silent can they?
I’ll try the electronic one that I found online. It better bloody work, it’s $25US. Sorry, just looked; $25US, plus $20US for shipping. I think not.
Just found something like it at Canadian Tire. $50, but at least I can return it. I might check it out and return the junk whistle I just bought. $10, and it’s silent like my ass!

But she at least likes the chew toy. Don’t know how long it’s gonna last, but whatever.

Anyhow, back to 4400…


  1. flying_squirrel

    One of my co-workers recommended I watched The 4400. I haven’t been particularly driven to watch much of anything lately, save Doctor Who (of course).

    Interesting premise, but yeah… I don’t know if it’s enough to keep me from wandering off and doing something else.

  2. sidekickca

    This far, it’s not bad, and it’s got a lot of potential. They just have to step it up a little.
    Right now it’s kinda…eh.
    Still might go rent the second season though, I’ve been told that it get’s better. They might be lying though.

  3. anonymous

    It seems that I too have a few bug bites… Or a case of chicken pox. It’s funny how driking while sitting in the lake and eating peanuts seems to desensitize you tempporarily to the little b@st@rds landing on you.

  4. sidekickca

    I start to wonder if I got them from the couch I slept on ^_^


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