Today I finished reading my second book this year. I know it’s not a super huge accomplishment for most people, but for me it is. And, I read them both on my iPhone.

I used to read, alot, and now for some reason I don’t. I’m sure there are plenty of good excuses out there as to why I don’t read as much, I just don’t know if they all hold water. But with the iPhone at least I don’t have to remember to bring the book(s) with me where ever I might be doing. I always have my phone, therefore I always have my books. I like this concept.

And reading on the phone isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. As long as it’s a decent ebook format, iBooks does a good job displaying it. That being said, I have some that are in less then stellar format and I have to do something about that. Like find a better copy.

The two books I read were “Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep” and “I am Legend”. Both were turned into movies that I enjoyed, and both were excellent books to read. I liked knowing what was likely to happen in the book and then being plesently surprised when new things popped up. Oddly enough, I don’t so much like it the other way around 😉

I’m not sure what I should read next. Someone has distributed the complete works of HP Lovecraft, and I’m tempted to go through that. I’ve read a lot of his work, just not all of it. And this is a good chance to do just that. And it’s legit free 🙂

So yea, I’m happy to be reading again, even if it’s not a whole ton.

PS, this was all written in VIM and uploaded via a python script. So I can have a command line blogging tool afterall 🙂

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