It has occurred to me that now I have a job, the one main factor that required me to have Windows, Word, is no longer really necessary. No, I didn’t use OpenOffice because it did wonky things with tables and bullets. But really, now that’s past, I should think again on moving to Linux.
It’s running fine on the other system, and I use it for e-mail and of course the web server, but I do spend the majority of my time on Windows.
I suppose it’s because Windows plays that games that I can now afford to play, that, and it allows me to have fun with Photoshop. But I really should learn what Gimp has to offer me.
I’m now looking into CD run versions of Linux, and I have a feeling that this is the way to go. I’m also thinking of making the ultimate bootable CD, with Linux, Norton Ghost, an XP image and a copy of XP to install if need be. Mind you, I don’t think I’ll get a copy of XP and an image of XP on the same CD. But it could have all the little utils that I need, not to mention a complete running copy of Linux just for kicks.
A friend mentioned one that he used, but I can’t remember. Maybe this post will jog his memory.Also, the Super Lemons seem to be a hit at work and I have orders for a few bags. Not a problem since I have to go for more noodles anyway. BTW, Kung-Fu noodles are great ^_^Yes, I did go out and but GaoGaiGar Final(1-5 only) on DVD Sunday. Everyone knew I was gonna do it so why let anyone down ^_^
It too is amazing! Now I’m working on downloading the final three episodes. It appears that it’s going to stop at 8, so I don’t have that many to get.I’m been mister itchy today. It’s rather dry at the office and I’ve been drinking too much coffee and not enough water, therefore, itch city! It’s been annoying but I’ve put a plan in motion to stop it. No one wants to know what I’m doing, so I’m not even going to mention it.This weekend is Bracebridge ^_^
I’m sooooo happy! It’s always fun to go there, hang out, drink beer. Might even play some games. Which reminds me, I should install games to play over the weekend. And of course that means Atomic Bomberman ^_^ A drunken classic!


  1. aelfric jogged

    The cd distro I use is called KNOPPIX and it rocks – to the extent that She uses it for games from time to time. And that sounds like a cool CD – but how about a 3-cd set – since KNOPPIX is about 15% oversize for a CD and is bulging at the sides.Ooo! Back to the guitar.

  2. matt

    Yeah, the Windows thing is good for games… I don’t actually play any (well, not really… though I’ll have to see if Diablo runs under Wine yet — new version is out apparently).
    Other than that, there’s VMWare (tried a demo that was really cool), Win4Lin, and VirtualPC.
    Of course, in addition to all that… there’s always dual boot.
    Maybe I’ll play Frozen Bubble (that’s such a cool game… wonder if there’s a Windows port…).
    Keep us posted on how it goes!

  3. Olletho

    oooo wouldya lookit that, I got a capitol letter ‘she’…. = )

  4. matt

    Oh, and in another fleeting moment of clarity… You could use the SuSe demo disk…
    It sets up about 160MB of swap on the HDD and then runs from CD…


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