Thursday stuff

This whole “coffee ready for me when I wake up” this is pretty cool. Sure, I still have to set it all up the night before, but that’s a lot easier and less painful than doing it in the morning.

My parents bought me a nice new coffee maker for my birthday as I kinda smashed the carafe of the old one the day before my birthday. The old maker was the right price at $25, but finding a replacement carafe just wasn’t going to happen 🙁 But, that’s not bad as the new maker is mucho cooler.

It’s a Cuisinart, and it’s cool. It looks cool with these little dials and switches, and it makes a nice pot of coffee(a real plus for coffee makers I hear…). In fact, I start to wonder if it makes better coffee than the old maker, or is that in my head? Hard to say, but it’s good coffee.

I’m in the process of moving to the new work lappy. First hit was that the extended drive bay doesn’t fit into the new lappy, so that’s about 100Gigs missing. Well, not missing, it’s still here, in the old lappy, but not really where I want it to be. But the new lappy is fast and quiet. The old lappy has a CPU fan that kinda screams at me. Which makes watching videos difficult as it’s really loud….

Nothing else to report really.

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