Not to be confused with Tim-bits, although I could go for a couple of those right now.

Watched the first two Zeta Gundam Movies last night.
Those not familiar with them, what they’ve done is compress the Zeta Gundam TV show into 3 1.5 hour movies. They’ve done this with a few other Gundam shows; The original, 0083 and 08th. I guess the idea is to get the gist of the show, the main plot points, without all the fluff. I’ve watched the movies for the original and 08th, but not for 0083. Now, because they compress 1500 minutes into 270, you have to do some major shuffling to have it make sense.
This generally requires some new animation to make things go smoothly. They did it with the other movies, but the main difference here is time.
Zeta Gundam is 20 years old, and the movies just came out this year(possibly last year, these are fan-subs afterall).
There is a huge difference in technique between then and now, and it really shows. Also, where at least with the original movies, this time around there seems to be a huge amount of new animation. My understanding of the original movies is that, yes, there was some new animation, but roughly 70-80% was still original. This time, I would hazard a guess and say that 50-60% is new animation. I could rewatch them and actually make note…but I won’t 😛
The movies are pretty fast paced, and honestly, I found myself getting a wee bit lost at times. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. And they’ve also changed some of the minor plot points, or from what I remember they have. Such as the creation of the Zeta Gundam itself.
Anyway, the last movie I think is coming out end of this year or sometime next year. That, and I think they’ll be available on DVD, of which I’m sure I’ll pick up. ^_^

Reading Fark as usual, looking at the photoshop entries, and that led me to http://www.despair.com/index.html which then led me to their podcasts. Yes, they have podcasts, and they’re funny ^_^
At first, you get a real feeling that this is meant to be serious, and then there’s the big wink, and you’re in on the whole joke. Fun to listen to, and not very long(also a bonus).

Played through the new Lego Starwars Demo last night(late last night…sigh) and it’s fun. Not super hard, I don’t think there’s a point where you can loose the game by dying. It’s really meant for kids afterall.
But it is a lot of fun to play, and depending on the price, I might actually pick it up when it’s out.

Hooked up the old server to the TV. Had to buy some additional hardware, but all in all, it’s looking pretty good. I have it hooked up to a wireless card, so now I can download TV shows directly to that machine.
The savings in blank CDs alone….

Nothing else to report.
Over and out!

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