Today was, unnecessarily long.
We got the latest build from dev late yesterday, so I didn’t have a chance to test any of it, I just installed it.
Well, this morning everything was going nuts. Things that were working wern’t, and things that wern’t working didn’t even bother to make an appearance.
We were fighting with Dev on who’s fault it was, and determined that it was the magical server fairies buggering things up. That took till 5.
Then we got an ugly patch so that we could continue working, and then I went home.
NOW, before he comments, I know that it’s nothing to Jim’s weekend, but I just wanna bitch because it’s my website ^_^
I’ll probably have to work late tomorrow and Friday, and it’s possible that some weekend work will be in order to get things back on some sort of track.On the upside, I found my DVD remote. It was with the noodles.Off to watch hockey…..
Go Sens Go, don’t embarrass us…..


  1. SideKick

    Oh you know it gives me power.Customers?And when was the last time any of you lazy bums paid me for any of this?I thought not…
    But…pastries would be good…

  2. Olletho

    ‘It’s his website he’ll bitch is he wants, bitch if he wants to, bitch if he wants to;You would bitch to if you had server-space too’
    *ducks and tuns*

  3. aelfric sagacious

    We pay you by gracing your site with our scintillating wit. Well, some of us do ;-)So Jim – tell us about your weekend! You could even send an email rather than stabbing SK’s server.


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