Windows has been acting up in a rather irritating fashion as of late.
So, I think it’s time for the bi-annual re-format-re-install!
Yes, it’s time for RFRI, and this time, the bonus is a re-size of the C Drive!

XP is just getting bigger and bigger, and 5 gigs just isn’t enough anymore. That’s fine, I’ll just add another Gig, maybe two, and that should keep it happy for a little while longer.
Oh, and while cleaning my room I found the XP CD(sorry Doug, who knew it was under 5 feet of dirty laundry…)

I might even risk it all and upgrade Mandrake to 10!
Wow, I could be completly without computers for a little while, better bring the laptop home just so I can surf the web for no apparent reason.

I will continue to clean my room while all this is being installed, since it’s better than just sitting there, watching it do…something..

Watched some of the Transformers last night, not sure how to respond. I mean, it’s cool, in a really cheesy sort of way. There are some amuzing errors with the series, like Starscreem standing next to himself, random mountains not being visible, that sort of thing.
All in all, still fun to watch. Not sure if it was fun to pay for, but whatever.

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