Or a lack of them.
It seems that doing this kind of thing daily can really make the topic well run dry.
Doesn’t help that I do zero pre-planning of these large posts.
I thing the most planning so ware was on the first post.
That was 15 days ago.

On a strange note, I think I’ve passed 10,000 words. A couple of days ago.

So, what are some good topic ideas?

Well, I was just thinking about Online Dating, but I think that will require a little pre-planning.
The only reason I was thinking about that is I’m back into the online dating scene and it’s going, well, well.

I have a feeling that I’ve exhausted all that I know about anime that you’ll want to hear.
And really, I don’t know that much more.

Same goes for music.

It’s amazing how easily everything you know about a subject can be summed up in 500 words.

That, and I’m a summer. I like to get to the point.
I don’t expand on things anymore than they need expanding.

Of steam.

The pictures are up.
Looks good to.
The pic of the dog turned out really well. Mind you, I wouldn’t want it to be bigger than 5×7.
Anything larger than that and it would get all blocky.

Oh, and mental note:
Wait for the paint to fully dry before stacking frames on each other.
They’re aren’t bad, but small spots are missing.

I had another post all ready to go, but that’s on the work laptop, and I went into a meeting before I could remember to post.

And that brings us to another topic idea.
I have a really bad memory for details.
I can’t remember names, I have a hard time keeping in touch with people unless I see them on a regular basis.
Out of sight, out of mind.
I’ve always had this.
And for that, the internet is a nice little tool.
Email is good because it acts as a reminder for me to get back to people.
Blogging is always good for keeping in touch. It’s a way for people to keep up to date with what I’m doing.

No work tomorrow.
Well, it’s been no work for a little while, but I’m not in the office tomorrow.
I tried to make more work for the entire team, and I wouldn’t say it backfired, but didn’t make it as busy as it should have.
Basically, it’s load balancing.

Must remember to buy batteries tomorrow.
Not to mention gas.

Alright…so I drifted from the topics topic a little.
Actually, a lot.

So that’s what I need.
Topics that I can think about for the day and try to write something coherent about.

It you have topics (yes, I’m looking at you) feel free to send them in.

Now, back to the Daily Show, my daily dose of news.


  1. thinkschematwo

    Breaking from the Wikipedia idea (which is good, but overdone)…

    How about the Word of the Day []…

    Not necessarily the word mind you (though that would work), but something from the examples…

    For instance, today’s word had Shakespeare mentioned (could write about plays, modern references, Google search for pets named Shakespeare, anything…)

    I don’t know that I’d use it as a mainstay, but as a filler for nablopomo, not bad.

    Alternately, pick something from your favourite links and sell the cool…

    Just a thought anyhow…

    (My posts are either personal or work related, with personal being somewhat more prevalent, but less interesting… Work-related being fewer, since they usually require more thought.)

  2. thinkschematwo

    Alternately, you could do a post about the C64…

    There’s been some wandering down memory lane, and I remember some time spent sitting in front of the TV (black and white wasn’t it), with things like School Daze, etc. on the go…

    (Yes, between you and James I lived a vicarious C64 lifestyle… It wasn’t until Darcy got the A500 that I eventually got inducted into the Commodore brotherhood…)

    BTW, how did the C64 (and anything else sufficiently pre-PC) guide your career?

    (There, that’s a little more specific…)

  3. flying_squirrel

    I was gonna suggest going through your lj interests list and writing one on each of those, but… uh, you already have. ^_^;

    Well, how ’bout one on Ottawa? Restaurant preferences? The joy and wonder of online dating? Or not. You haven’t done a Star Trek one, have you? Even if it’s just complaining about how they killed the franchise…

    You could always delve into the nature of good and evil, the existence of God, why bad things happen to good people and the meaning of life, for a start. You know, get those out of the way. That could be fun.

    Or, actually, more useful to me would be a post on plastic model building…

  4. anonymous

    Daily Show rules! Whooooo!


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