OK, so I did it.
I ordered the 2+1 toys that I had wanted for some time now, all because I got a good tax return.
Now, before anyone says anything, I didn’t blow the whole return on these toys. In fact, I’m not sure I even blew 10% on the toys, so the other 90% will be going straight onto Visa.
Which makes me kind of sad, but I guess sooner or later I should really pay for the stuff that I’ve already purchased.

And I think I’m going to save a little of that money for Anime North this year as the Hotel seems to be a bit more expensive than it was last year. But I’d like to think that’s because I booked later this year.
Oh well, I’m still going.

I have to get money together for the closing cost of the house. I’ve asked my folks for the money that they’re going to give me, and with any luck that taxes thing comes back in a reasonable amount of time.
It was sent all electronic like, so it should be nice and fast for them to process.

My manager has been away a lot this week. I wonder if he’s applying for a different job or something. ^_^
I wonder if I would be capable of taking his position. Mind you at the moment, his current roll deals with a lot of people, and I’m not sure I have the full experience for all of his job, but I think I could manager my team.
That would mean hiring someone else though, and that would be tricky. I’m not a super great judge of people. Or at least not while I’m nervous.

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