Training 3

I’m early.
Had I known I might have slept.

However, this gives me time to listen to the new Priest cd. Good stuff.
Was a little worried when they said it was a concept album revolving around Nostradamus.
But so far so good.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an instant classic or anything, and it’s mostly typical heavy metal lyrics/thinking, but that’s not always a bad thing 🙂

Installing DB2 on Red Hat Enterprise in a VM image.
This is actually for work.
See, we have servers in Toronto, but not a lot of control over them and they have this annoying tendency to get reset when we’re not looking, so I’m gonna make my own.
Dammit 🙂

Tara called last night and she’s really sick 🙁
This bugs me for a couple reasons:
1-I’m not there to help. Not that I could do much, but it would be good to at least be near.
2-It’s happening almost monthly. So it’s not likely a virus, although that’s what all the docs call it, so that’s not helpful either.

Hopefully she got some sleep last night and is better today. On the upside, it does clear up/turn around pretty quick. However it does normally last a 2-3 days.

Looks like we’re starting again.

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