Training End

Almost done.
Looks like we might wrap up early, which is good 🙂

I hope to meet the rest of my team and maybe have a quick lunch before I have to go and catch a plane.
Also have to return the car with half a tank of gas.
Seems I didn’t use as much gas as I thought I would. Too bad that I paid for a full tank in advance, but oh well.

Went to the mall yesterday, picked up a little something for Tara, and little something for me, and some DVDs to watch back at the hotel.
Which would have been good if it wasn’t for the fact that my laptop has a second HD instead of a CDRom.

Oh well, three movies for $10 isn’t bad 😉

The flight should be boring, but Tara’s gonna pick me up at the airport.
She’s still not feeling very well, which is never good. 🙁

Maybe some more at the airport.

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