Tweet Friday: 2011-06-03

  • Finally arrived at anime north! Can't think of one more thing I could have done wrong getting here. But now to email my lovely wife! #
  • And for once the reg line is longer than pre reg #
  • They're claiming an hour in line. Really wish i didnt leave my headphones at home:( #
  • The end of AN day one. Spent some time in the dealers room, didn't see Norah, watched some crazy, and ate something. Pretty good ATC #
  • Morning cartoons, water and some rice snack. Good start to the day. #
  • Cartoons not so great, off to find stuff elsewhere #
  • All shopped out(for now) and enjoying a nice lunch. We're thinking of starting our own con #
  • The gaming stuff kinda sucked so we're heading to a Gundam panel. We'll see how that goes 🙂 #
  • Still debating on getting a Gundam model. Just sure if i'll ever get to it. I just gave away all my old ones after all #
  • So the first five minutes of the panel and its already derailed. #
  • Enough of that Gundam stuff. It just wasn't going anywhere. Back to the dealers room #
  • Watching music videos now instead me shopping. Not sure if i'm winning or not. #
  • Another AN done and over. Just packing up to head back. Can't wait to see/hug/kiss my family! Nerds are nice, family is better. #

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