Tweet Friday: 2011-09-23

  • Queen – I'm going slightly mad – most elegant use of all the 'he's crazy' phrases… #
  • @flying_squirrel I'm in Liberal Land where Vote Compass is concerned…not sure how I feel about that in reply to flying_squirrel #
  • @SCOTTDKPARKER Should you not be working, or is there an update that I missed? in reply to SCOTTDKPARKER #
  • @SCOTTDKPARKER Arg! Sorry to hear that 🙁 I'll keep my eyes open for stuff, but I don't think we're doing a lot of hiring… in reply to SCOTTDKPARKER #
  • Quick Question: Does anyone actually read my posts on LiveJournal anymore? Or is it all Facebook/WordPress/RSS these days? #
  • What is with my sudden obsession to have correct MP3 tags? I have 22K+ MP3s, and they all need to have the right tags. When did this happen? #
  • Dislike the new facebook newsfeed so much, I'm only going to look at FB via TweetDeck! Take that FB! Oh, you didn't notice… #

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