Two more days

Just two short days to Anime North, probably four more until I’m out of cash again….
And I get paid on Friday.
I’m going to try and not just spend for the sake of spending like I have in the past, this time I have a list of good prices, and if things are below that, then I’ll go for it, but if they aren’t, well, then I’ll just wait till a later time.
For the most part, Anime DVDs won’t go away anytime soon, and since I’m not big into the collector box sets(unless it’s to save money on buying the whole set) I really don’t have much to worry about.
I’ve been more and more interested in the trinket stuff, stuff you just can’t order online with the greatest of ease.
And toys are also a lot of fun and generally go for a decent price at these things.
No models…I’ve decided not to buy any more until I’m finished with the ones I have, and since I haven’t built any in the last, oh, two years, I’m not likely to buy anymore in the near future.

I’ll probably show up early Friday afternoon, do the sign-in thing, and do the check-in thing.
Then I might do the nap thing.

I can’t remember what’s all going on, but I do want to hit the Video awards, since I generally think they’re cool. Then no doubt the costume thing, or at least the exitway of the costume thing.
I’m sure there’s going to be some cool panels to attend, then again, there may not be.
I’m also going to check out the model and toy displays, since I missed those last year.
This year they have this Transformers thing for the toy display, that should be cool.

It now apears that they have the video thing and the cosplay thing on the same night.
On the same stage, one right after the other.
This makes very little sense to me.

See, in the past, they had a good formula going; Video on Friday night, Costume and Dance on Saturday night and the Auction Sunday afternoon.
Now, wait…just misread it.
Never mind.

Go about your business, nothing to see here….

Anyway, I’m not likely going to get Web access over the weekend, but I’ll be bringing the laptop and writing updates, which will be uploaded Sunday sometime.
Also, with my loverly digital camera, I’ll be taking lots and lots of pictures. Lots and lots….

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