two things

1: I’ve been accepted as a DJ, so I figure sometime next week you should be able to tune into somewhere and listen to me.
You’ve been warned.

2: On the Links list, I’ve added Able and Baker, which is a really funny and cute comic ^_^
Some personal favs are:

And the list goes on. Read, enjoy. Or don’t, see if I care.


  1. sidekickca

    Oh Yes.
    Rock. On.
    Rock. On. Indeed.


    Still don’t know when I’ll be on the air, but I can imagine I’ll have some advanced notice.
    I now have to spend the rest of the weekend cleaning up the MP3 selection.
    Don’t want to have 40 minute songs playing. Although, it would give me time to nap….

  2. anonymous

    Hey Bill, you could always do voice acting for my movies.

    Currently, I’m working on a classic 80’s revenge flick called ‘Hard Justice.’ It’s about a judge who rules against a crime lord, who retaliates by kidnapping his girlfriend, setting him off. Using the skills he acquired in Vietnam, he goes on a one man crusade to bring some truly Hard Justice to the streets!

    Seriously. Using The Movies from Lionhead. Let me know if you’re inerested, or if anybody else is, for that matter; I can send you some scripts or something.


  3. sidekickca

    Hey, sounds like fun!

    Send the scripts!

  4. anonymous

    Actually, I’ve got a differnet one ready for voicing.

    It’s called ‘chat room,’ a comedic cautionary tale about the dangers of meeting people in chat rooms.

    For voices, I need:
    Two sarcastic college-slacker type guys
    A female, very breathy, sexy sort of voice (only a few lines)
    A president (only a few lines)

    I’ll see about getting the subtitled version up somewhere tonight or tomorrow, hammer out an actual script from the sub file.



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