Uber Weekend

The uber long weekend approaches, and I have nothing to do ^_^
Ya know, I’m happy about that. I have nothing planned, nothing to worry about, nothing to think about.
I like it like that.
I can sit around and play COH all weekend if I want.
I can try and catch up on Anime. I think I might do both.

I’ve been watching RaXaphon. Ages ago I watched the first episode and gave up on it because it really smacked of Evangelion, and that’s the last thing that I wanted.
Not that I don’t like Evangelion, but a clone was not needed.
That being said, I still bought the ‘box set’.
I should have stuck with the series, because it really got interesting at about episode 3. It still has the Evangelion feel, at least a little bit, but I think it’s different enough to be cool.

I have Samurai 7 downloaded and I really mean to watch that, looks cool.

They released an update to COH last night. Like all major updates, people are griping about it. They always have, and they always will.
The devs call it balance, and I have to admit that some things needed changing. But I can’t fully agree with all of their changes.
This part will not interest people who don’t play the game, but I will continue.
My main character is a Tanker. Basically I’m the big guy of the group, and my job is to keep all the enemy’s attention on me. I have more defenses and HP, so I’m less likely to get my butt killed off.
Anyway, one of my main powers is Taunt. It’s akin to throwing out insults into the crowd to get peoples attention on me.
And it works. It works well.
But now they’ve put a limit on how many people I can Taunt, and that limit is 5. That’s a little on the low side.
Imagine (if you will) a person going into an Irish Pub and yelling out:
“All Irish are smelly worthless tits!”
“And I slept with all your mothers and sisters!”
I have a feeling that more than 5 people would respond to this sort of thing. Just my guess.
I agree that maybe it should be capped, but maybe at 10 or 15, not 5.
All in all, this probably doesn’t affect me as much as some others, since I have other powers that will hold agro better than Taunt. But it still stings a little.
We did get free respecs out of it(meaning I can re-roll my character) and that was nice of them. It also means that they think the changes are drastic enough to warrant a respec, and that’s not a good thing.
As always, on the forums there’s the DOOM sayers that claim this will ruin the game and they’ll be leaving and the usual sort of crap. I don’t think it will ruin the game(no, this is not the only change) but I think it will make it more difficult.
They did change a lot of other things, some for good, some for not. I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m sure I’ll still be playing the game, because really, I like it.

Wonder how many people just skipped over that last bit ^_^

Going out to lunch today at a Thai place. That should be nice. And a little hot. Which is good because somewhere down the line I’ve developed a summer cold.
Irritating as all hell really. It’s this post-nasal drip thing that just drives you nuts!
I’ve mostly nuked it with pills and the like, and right now I can at least sleep, which is always a plus.

Probably should get back to work.


  1. sidekickca

    Yea, figured I would get a lot of skips.

    And I might just check out the band, they sound kinda cool.

  2. flying_squirrel

    You might have met Chris (the author of that post) at AN a year or two ago. He plays sax and guitar and other things for them. I’m sure you met his girlfriend Liz (), though… (she’s not in the band, but she might be there).

    Gah! I read a cute little satire article on “game balance” patches a month or two ago, and now I can’t find it. Ah well. 😛


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