Ubu Sound

With s (relative) success with reinstalling Ubu on his main system, I decided to do the same.
You see, the only thing that was really stopping me from using Ubu most of the time was that with the new upgrade (5.1 to 6.06) I lost my sound 50% of the time.
That annoyed me.
A lot.
So I didn’t bother.
Until last night.
I popped the CD in, waited for it to launch the live portion(still the stupidest way to do it, but whatever) and did the install.
I have to admit that it was a more painless install than in the past.
Normally, while I wait for the live to load I get a ton of weird memory errors.
That didn’t happen this time, and nothing has changed on the system, so I’m not sure what that could be due to.

Then I applied all 177 updates(wow) and rebooted a few times.
I got sound every time.

I should look for a really good backup program so that I can backup the whole damn partition(at least the part with bits on it) so that I can just screw around with it and not really have to worry.
I’ve been meaning to do that with Windows for some time, but I never really got around to it.
That being said, Windows is actually more of a pain to reinstall than Ubu.
Ubu has all these packages that you can just apply or not, and it’s generally cleaner than anything Win has to offer.

Now, if I could just get this AIX crap to work I’d be happy.

Oh, signed up for emusic. $10/month for 40 legal songs, sounds pretty good to me.
That’s what, $0.25/song? Sounds reasonable to me.

And with any luck, will get his free 50 songs.


  1. packetfire

    Yay Sound!

    Lin, has come a long way from when I first tried RH 5.1. I actually don’t mind the throught of re-installing now, although the proprietary ATI drivers are a bit of a pain.

  2. flying_squirrel

    So far, I got nothing.

    Bastards. 😛


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