Ubuntu Issues

Holy crap, what’s with Ubuntu?

I decided to give Linux another shot because, well, I’m bored. I wanted to give it another honest attempt at moving to it completely.
They released 7.10 a little while ago, and I tried that.


At first the LiveCD wouldn’t boot(because you need to go into a Live session to start the install) and my good old reliable CRT monitor just kept clicking away.
This seems to be either a CRT or ATI issue, as this is happening to other people.
So, I boot with the safemode graphics, and that works.
I install, and do some basic configuration.

Generally, this was pretty successful. I got the restricted drivers and extras to install, my palm to sync with Kontact(Evolution sucks because it reads from it’s ICS files ONCE), and was generally pleased with myself.
Then, I noticed that I didn’t have sound.
I had sound at one point….didn’t I? I’m sure I did.
As I’ve had this issue before, I dug around a little and found this great guide to solving sound issues.
Well, it didn’t work, and during one reboot it refused to go back into XWindows, so I figured it’s just easier to reinstall.
I don’t have the time/patience to solve all these different issues. And really, I shouldn’t have to. Fixing sound shouldn’t bugger graphics. Right?
So I pop the live CD in again, forgetting all about the safemode thing, and the monitor clicks away…well, not happily, but more like a bomb.
I turn it off, and SOUND comes out of the speakers!
Woot, it found the card this time!

So I reboot with safe graphics mode…and no sound.
Try again. Still no sound.
It now appears that I can have either sound or graphics.
That’s not really an option I should have to make.

So, I pop in 7.04, and woo, both sound AND graphics(and not safe ones either).
Haven’t finished the install(actually, just started) so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Then I’ll do the upgrade…


  1. flying_squirrel

    With 7.10, they decided to push the graphics thing a bit and enable “desktop effects” by default, knowing that stuff might not work for mostsome people.

    Sounds like your video card is attempting to run at a resolution/sync rate that your monitor can’t handle.

    Actually, upgrading to 7.10 magically resolved sound issues I was having, so I was pretty happy. Desktop effects still didn’t work for me, but that’s okay.

  2. sidekickca

    But I had it working at one point in time, that’s what’s irritating me at the moment.
    I tried the upgrade, and during the reboot hit the same problem. I’m reading up on what I could change.
    But for now, I’m back at 7.04 and will try to upgrade from time to time to see if they’ve fixed anything.
    I liked what I saw in 7.10…


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