Uncooperative Arms

I had a nurse come by to take some blood and urine sample.
That, and blood pressure, height and weight.
1. My arms don’t want to give up the blood. Good arms! Good Arms! Who wants a cookie?
2. I’m shorter than I thought. 5’9″
3. Seems I’ve gained back more weight than I thought. Maybe the arms shouldn’t have the cookies.

And since I don’t know good blood pressure from bad blood pressure, since she didn’t scream out in horror, I assume I’m ok.
Probably not 100% super fantastic, but not dying.

I should go back to work on my presentation next week.
Oh, did I mention I’m now going alone?

I started looking for toy/anime stores in the San Hose area, and came across a website that had this HUGE one.
It was like the dealers room at AN, I thought I was gonna die!
But it’s not really in San Jose, it’s in LA, which is 6 hours away.

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