Unusually Tired

I thought I got enough sleep Sunday, think I went to bed at 9.
Last night it was midnight because I got a new computer toy.
Or toy computer….

Yes, new computer because I’m tired of dealing with slow out dated hardware. I have 3-4 machines, or parts of them anyway, that are just taking up space.
That being said, if anyone wants them, let me know.
The fastest is a P2 450. It has some RAM, just don’t know how much.
Otherwise it’s all going in the trash. Unless I can find some place to donate it to. Should look into that.

As usual, it’s Tuesday and I’ll be on the air tonight.

I had 33 listeners last time, I need more!

Also, I’ll be on the MSN insta-chat network thingy:

Or in IRC at the GameSurge Network, #rlr
I had 33 listeners last time, I need more!

I’ll try not to bugger up the first ten minutes this time…try.

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