Still working on the new website. There are some bits and bobs that I have to sort out with the theme.
It seems to shorten the archive posts, and that’s obviously something to do with the theme and not wordpress as another theme doesn’t do it.
So it’s a little hacking 🙂
I did do some bits to improve the performance. I’m not sure if it’s WP or my provider, but the ftp access is super fast and the page rendering, well, is slow.
But it’s faster now with a change to the config and a cache plugin.
More on that later.

Watched Watchmen over the weekend, and I liked it. Not sure if it’s as cool as Dark Night or Iron Man, but I don’t think it ever was meant to be by design.
But it was 3 hours long, and my butt was numb.
I suspect I’ll watch it again after reading the comic again(got 30% though before the movie).
I noticed where they changed some things, but that’s ok, it had to work with the flow.
I have to agree with some reviews though, it’s not a movie for everyone, it’s a movie for fans of the comic.

My nephew Simon had his 2nd birthday on Saturday, so we all attended his birthday party. Not sure if he knew what was going on, but seemed happy enough 🙂

Friday night was bowling. Got a 191 in the first game, and mucho less on the second.
Not sure if the beer helped or hindered.
But it was fun to have almost everyone out there 🙂

Sunday was slow, and that’s fine by me.

I want to blog more, maybe I should do it in the morning when my brain is still working 🙂

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  1. thinkschematwo

    Good to hear that life carries on!

    Look forward to seeing the site!

    I’m all for you blogging more… I need food for my brutally repressed fun gene.

    Happiness to one and all!


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