Updates and such

Tara and I fled the house last night and wadded into the crowds to go see Harry Potter last night.

It was surprisingly easy. We got there very eary(8:15 for a 9:45 show) and there was almost no one in the damn theater.

So we wandered about to the local shops, in which I tried to convince Tara of the advantages of a 50″ plasma, and then wandered back to the movie house.

Now a line had formed, and there were roughly 20 people ahead of us.

So we waited, then moved, then waited some more.

The movie itself was alright, but I don’t think it’s up there with the rest that I’ve seen. It was darker to be sure, and I’m interested in how it ended and where it will go, but that’s about it.

I mean, there really wasn’t all that much going on that couldn’t have been tacked onto the last movie. Sure, some of the interpersonal stuff is growing, but that’s just a high school thing.

I’ve also been notified that my LiveJournal account is coming up for renewal, and ya know, I don’ t think I’ll pay for it this year. I have this wonderful web space that I’m paying for already, and there’s just no need to keep the LJ account at a paid level. I’ll drop down to Plus, which has ads, but I’m not concerned about that.

I don’t think I would ever delete the account, but I just don’t wanna pay for it anymore.

Other than that Tara and I are going to go play mini-putt tomorrow after dinner.

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