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Saturday was Helloween and we spent the night at Jim and Stephs place. But before that we had my mother over for dinner as my Dad was away fishing.

We used this nice pork recipe that Tara found and I think it turned out better the second time. Added a little bacon, and that makes everything better 😀

The party itself was cool. Jim and Steph and William did the Star Wars things, Han and Leia, with William being Vader. It was cute.

Scott and Jen were King Arthur(complete with coco-nuts) and a Witch, and little Alice was a bunny.

Other than eating way too much candy and pulled pork (awesome!) we watched Zombie Land and the halloween episode of Zim. Tara isn’t going to let me forget that last part anytime soon 😉

And a good time was had by all.

Sunday was our nothing day. It was a long week and we just didn’t feel like doing anything. So of course the animals woke us up and we spent most of the day shopping. But that’s all good as I found a good pair of boots at Walmart…no, Canadian Tire, and we really didn’t put any effort into anything.

All good.

Tara started her new job yesterday and was subject to a full day or orientation. And it was thrilling…but she got home at a good time and we actually had dinner eaten by 5pm. Which left us the entire evening to ourselves.

Today is the first day of actual work.

We also sent out the Save the Dates for the wedding, and I can now announce the website:


It’s live and waiting for you to visit!

When the actual invites go out then the RSVP and Registry section will go live. Actually, the registry section will go live when we figure out where we want to go on our Honeymoon.

We’re thinking Hawaii, but it’s all about finances, or lack there of, whatever the case may be.

Anyway, the work day continues.

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