Updates and Trek

It was a rather busy weekend all told.

Friday around 5pm Tara and I left for St Catharines so that we could go visit her grandfather and pick up her mother.

We arrived around 11 or so, so that wasn’t too bad. The weather on the way down was mostly awful. There were points where it was raining so hard you couldn’t see in front of you more than 5 feet.

And of course there were the jackasses that didn’t have their lights on during that time.


The visit was really nice as I hadn’t met Taras granddad before this.  He’s a nice guy that likes to tell stories. Which is great, because I like to listen to them 🙂

And I met one of Tara’s uncles. Also a nice guy with plenty to say.

We brought the dog with us and she was a big hit. She was also spoiled way too much. Bits of doughnut, cheese, spaghetti and a container of meat sauce(this she helped herself too).

I’m really surprised that the trip back wasn’t worse, with all that in her, I wasn’t sure how long it would stay in her 😉

I attended my first Catholic mass on Saturday. I really felt out of place. For me, church has an order of service so I can at least know what’s coming up next.

No, not here, you’re just expected to know. And I didn’t, but that’s ok.

The trip back was nice and we got home around 3am. We just had a lot of stuff to try to do today as we’re flying out to Vancouver on Thursday, so every prep-day helps 🙂

Sunday was busy but I think we were all pretty tired.

Today is back to work day, and Tara brought her Mom to work as they’re getting their hair done sometime today.

Dad and I are going to try and go see Star Trek tonight at the iMax. I say try because it’s at 7 and I work until 5. It could be too busy, but it would be pretty sweet to see it on the huge screen.

It feels really right to go see Trek with my Dad. He got me into it when I was a wee lad and we both enjoyed it as I grew up. I remember when Next Generation started and we were both there for the first episode and talked about it for some time afterwords.

The same with DS9 and Voyager. I think I was living away from how for the start of Enterprise, but if I wasn’t, we’d have watched that together as well.

I’ve read online that this isn’t “your fathers Star Trek’, but Scott Kurtz from PVP put it nicely:

Make no mistake though, the reason you’ll love this movie is the same reason my dad loved the original. “Because they’re friends.”

So I’m really looking forward to this tonight. I’ll try to tell you all how it was without ruining anything 🙂

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