Updates Galore!

Tara and I spent the last weekend at the 1000 Islands.

Tara’s never been and the last time I was there I was wee and didn’t really care for it. It’s really different when you’re there with someone you’re going to marry 😉

We stayed at the Victoria Rose Inn, and while it was really nice, I think we both preferred the Mill in Wakefield. The hot tub was deeper 😀

We also toured the islands and decided that, when we win the lottery, we’re going to buy an island and be there from now on. It was just so cool to see these little(and sometimes not so little) houses all by themselves on the islands. And it appears that the river doesn’t raise up too much as some of the houses were so close to the water.

Anyway, we can dream 🙂

Tara and I have decided to help out with the Youth group at our local church. It’s a way to get to know people(in theory) and be more involved. It would probably help if we went more than once a quarter though 😉

Not sure what’s all involved, but by the sounds of it there’s one person running the show, and legally they need two adults there when things are happening, and it’s usually one of the parents. Which, from experience, can change how you interact with people. Especially at that age.

So this should be fun and gets us out of the house at least twice a month 🙂

I bought Rock Band 2 at a great price($100) and I suck at drumming. But they have a cool drum trainer that I’m using at lunch to help me with my sucky drumming skills. I’m fine until there’s a bass pedal, and then I get all wonky. But again, it’s getting better.

Going into a 4 day long weekend. Tara want’s to spend as much time as possible at home. Don’t blame her one little bit. I think we’ve been busy every weekend in the last two months, or at least it feels that way 🙁

Going to mow the lawn and see if I can attack the giant weeds in the back yard. Then we’ll dig everything up and maybe make a little greenhouse type thing back there. That should be pretty cool actually 🙂 Not sure what Tara want’s to grow, but it has to be better than weeds.

Guess that’s it for now…

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