Updates Long Overdue

Hey all!

I’ve been meaning to do updates and posts and the like all weekend, but I just never got around to doing them.

Not that any of them are exciting, but neither is anything else I post, so what’s the difference 😉

Friday saw The Ring 2. Wow, what a waste. And it’s especially bad since the Director of the original was directing this one.
When The Ring was remade, I made a point to watch the original first and then the new one and do a comparison. Both were equally good(probably since it was the same movie, or at least 90% the same) and I really couldn’t recommend one over the other. Mind you, the Japanese are just creepy, so maybe the original would be better.
Months ago I watched the original Ring 2, and it was slow and not so good. I really didn’t have high expectations from the remake(not really a remake, I don’t think anyway) and it still disappointed me.
I don’t recommend anyone seeing it, it’s really a waste of time.
However, the sequel to the Grudge is awesome!

Saturday I went to see the Transporter 2.
I’m not sure what I like most about this movie:
It’s strict adherence to the laws of physics, the way it incorporates hard science or it’s engrossing and well thought out plot.
It’s a toss up I tell ya.
If you liked the first one, or at least found it amusing, you’ll probably like this one. It’s more of the same, with a little extra thrown in for no apparent reason.

Sunday was a waste of a day since I was up to 4:30 am playing City of Heroes.

Monday I watched a boat load of FireFly. It’s really too bad that I didn’t watch it when it first aired. Don’t even remember why. But I think I saw about 8-10 episodes yesterday, and they were great.
Can’t wait for the movie.

Now for other things.

I was going to comment on the whole situation down in the States, but so many other people have, and I don’t feel that I would have added anything anyway.
However, had a link to a BBC article that comments on American Journalists growing more of a backbone.
I would have to agree on this point.
Even CNN, which was notoriously bad for skewing reality was finally doing the right thing and trying to show the story the right way.
That made no sense.
Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that like a lot of people, I have my head buried in the sand. Not sure why I do, but unless it deals directly with me, I tend not to be up on things.
I try to watch the news in the morning to at least get a general feeling for what’s happening in the world, but that generally gets replaced with how funny the new web comics are.
Sorry, tangent.
To try and catch up on current events, I watched this one hour recap(as such) on the first five days of the Hurricane. This was on CNN. I think they did a nice job on it. For people like myself, it was a nice little summary. But the thing that I noticed was the outright criticism of the current government and the fact that they weren’t doing anything.
They had quotes from the Mayor, Governor and a bunch of other political types all calling out to the Government to get off their asses and help people.
They even mentioned that FEMA had a “disaster scenario” all planned out a year in advance just in case something like this were to happen.
But still the government did nothing.
And CNN kept commenting on this. Why was nothing happening? Why were people sitting on their butts?
It was kind of refreshing. From CNN anyway.
Most other non-NA news organizations have been doing this for some time(maybe forever) but it’s nice to see that even CNN isn’t painting everything with a Rose Coloured brush.
Not to say that this will keep up, but at least for the time being, they seem to have some indication of collectively owning a backbone.
Think that’s all I have to say about that.

Today, which still feels like Monday, is going alright.
It seems that the mornings are just flying by these days. Not to say that I’m so swamped that I don’t know where to begin, but it’s a steady kind of busy that’s taking time to get used to.
I work support for a product that is based in Germany and the other half of the support team is on the west coast.
This means that I watch the entry queue from 8-noon. But if I have to contact dev, that can only happen between 8-11. Not so great.
I’m used to having the dev team within walking distance of my cube.
It also doesn’t help that I don’t have any test systems to try things out on.
And it really doesn’t help when the product is rather complicated, requires a lot of other applications in order for it to run, and the error messages aren’t as useful as they could be.
Oh well, at least the days go by quickly and no one has yelled at me.

Guess that’s it for now.

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  1. flying_squirrel

    I got to watch a bunch of CNN and (*shock!*) FOX NEWS this weekend. Since Newsworld’s only been showing Antiques Roadshow and Princess Diana documentaries the last little while, the only access to news I’ve had lately has been CTV NewsNet, which just isn’t useful for gauging anyway.

    I didn’t see a lot of tough questions being asked, though. I only really got to see news conferences with the FEMA guy talking about how *two* related disasters at the same time couldn’t have ever been predicted. He got a couple questions on that, but he’d go “It’s like the tsunami, but the water’s still there!” and everybody nods. So I wasn’t too impressed, really…


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