I started this post yesterday, at home, and forgot to post. So since I’m waiting for servers to start, let’s try again ^_^

Tara and I had our first ballroom dance lesson on Wednesday. Actually, it was number 2, but we missed the first one(tactical error on my part).
I think we did rather well.
Within the first few minutes we learned the waltz and the rest of the night was foxtrot.
Cool stuff really, and since it was our first kick at the can, I think we did rather well.
Have to download some good dancing music so that we can practice. 🙂

I’m on twitter!

Tara and I are trying to be more active. We both have desk jobs and it’s starting to show, well, show more I guess.
I’ve never been a small guy, but I think I’ve reached my breaking point here and I really want to loose some of the extra that’s on me.
I’ve started taking the dog for long walks at lunch, and Tara and I are trying to go for walks at night too.
That, and she has a bike and I should have one coming, so we can start doing that now.

Tara seems to be adjusting to the new schedule at work. It’s a little later in the morning which is both easier and harder to deal with.
Easier because it’s later and she can sleep a little more. Harder because she’s more awake in the morning and just doesn’t want to get up 🙂

Other than that it’s life as usual.

How are you doing?

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