Upon further review

It seems that my 2002/2003 entries are a little screwy.

What I had done is create this little php script that would take my older html entries and translate them into the LJ XML that WordPress could import.

For the most part it worked. The content is all there, it’s things like titles and comments that are a little buggy. I suspect I could fix both and I probably will. For something to do if nothing else 🙂

Matt suggested a general contact link, and I’ll make a page for it; Thanks Matt 🙂

Other than that, WP is slow. I have a cache system in place that should help with that, and for the admin stuff I have Gears running, but it’s still slow. At least for me.

The slow could be coming from my Twitter feed, so I’ll have to work on that. Maybe try a different plugin.

Darcy, which one do you use? I’m using Twitter-Tools.

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