V Day

For the first time in…oh crap…12 years? I have to think about about Valentines day.

Not used to that.

I mean, we’re planning a steak dinner for the two of us, cooked on the BBQ at my place, because eating out would be murder.
But the big question is, what else should I do?

So, here’s some thoughts:
1. Roses are out because I waited too long and they would cost roughly $1million
2. However, I might be able to get some Chocolate Roses, which would be close, and who doesn’t like chocolate?
3. Candles for dinner(to look at, not eat) would also be a good idea.
4. Some romantic cheesy movie?
5. Dancing (slow, because the boy has no rhythm) in the living room?

The only trick to *all* of this is that she’ll be spending the day at my place while I’m at work, so setting all this up as a surprise is really right out.
Maybe I can pull some surprises, somehow…

Anyone else have ideas?

What is everyone else doing? Assuming you do anything that is.


  1. olletho

    I think I’m cooking a nice birthday lasagna…. B and I don’t pay that much attention to VD. Okay I think he pays it more attention then I do, and I pay more attention to his birthday then he does… net result: we eat a lot.

    Movies good, dancing in the livingroom very akward if not spontanious. Stuffed animals last longer then roses or chocolate but might make Qanuk jealous, don’t know her well enough to suggest sex toys but that’s uaually gone over well with me (not that I’m even remotely the average girl). You’re right everbody likes chocolate, if I lived closer I would suggest earrings.

    Don’t worry, have fun, it’s all good.

  2. flying_squirrel

    I know I haven’t gone into it, but I do have cause for VD gift buying. Um… yeah…

    And for various reasons I’m not going to go into, it’s a little bit complicated. Roses are definitely out. Chocolate probably isn’t a good idea either. We’ll probably end up going out to eat, but it probably won’t be anything we haven’t done before, because that’s similarly limited.

    Anyway, what I am getting her is the following:
    1) Socks. Because she’s mentioned it and I think I might have found some that are appropriate. And
    2) A book of erotica. Because I’m pretty sure it will go over well, I trust the editor in question and it has a story by an author she’s mentioned looking for before.

    Is this TMI? Probably. But you f-locked this, so I don’t mind that much.

    Anyway… My point is it helps to pay attention to the personal stuff more than what’s customary. Of course, I don’t know how well you know her (like seriously know)… and it’s not like the customary stuff is bad. At all. But yeah… special and personal is best, I think… ^_^

  3. sidekickca

    Personal is good, I have a few ideas there.

    I have a feeling that a heating pad would go over really well. Sex toys/general erotica might be a little much at the moment, but it could work. I might take that chance.

    I have a feeling I’m over thinking this just a little bit.
    Oh well, anything I do should be just fine.

    As long as I don’t forget totally ^_^

  4. briar_rose2

    Keep It Simple Stupid.
    (Keep it in mind that I’m the MOST unromantic person I know.) If she’s going to be there all day, you can’t come home and spend all sorts of time in the kitchen making a special fancy dinner. I think it would be good to start of with something fun that you can do together. Make a simple dinner together. Nothing complicated because it shouldn’t be work. Grab a ready made lasagna and salad on the way home and pop it in the oven when you get it. Put on some nice music, turn on the fireplace. All girls love chocolate fondue! Maybe get one of those fruit trays, kiwis, mangos and champagne on the way home too. While dinner is cooking and the champagne is chilling, you both can cut up the fruit together. After dinner you can have it for desert with the champagne! I think that would be a nice start. Anything else would be a bonus.

  5. olletho

    Probably too early for the kinky stuff.

  6. sidekickca

    Actually, turns out she won’t be, so I get to ‘decorate’ and the like the night before.

    We’re going to do steak, and then sundays for dessert(she doesn’t know that yet, but she’ll figure it out soon enough).

    However, the chocolate fondue is sounding really good right about now.

    OK, I should sleep instead of thinking of food. 😛


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