Actual updates, and ADDITIONS!
I have added a video section.
Currently it has but one video, a Week in the Life type thing. Not very good, but it’s all pics from the webcam.
As I said earlier, I’ll be adding videos from my trip, once I figure on a good compression ratio.
Anyway, enjoy the show and I’ll be adding more soon.


  1. matt

    I downloaded it… I even went so far as to double-click it… however, then I realized that I don’t have DivX installed…
    To that end, I’ll go do a bit of downloading and then let you know how things go.
    Cool ‘soundtrack’ anyhow. 🙂

  2. matt

    Is the fact that Friday is missing related to any of those UFO abduction missing time things?
    Anyhow, I’d stop you before you do it again, but it’s so far away, and so cold, and well… I went out of my way to watch the first installment, right? 🙂
    Take ‘er easy!

  3. SideKick

    Sorry, should have warned you about that.It’s there now.And I’m glad you liked it.Bonus points if you can name the movie/show that the music is from. I have a feeling some will get one, but not the other.


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