Beyond music and comic books, most of my entertainment is of a visual medium.
OK, so technically comic books count for that, but let’s not get picky.

Movies and TV are of course the main sources for this. In fact, since I’ve already ruled out comics, they’re the only thing left.
And I have to say, currently, there’s not much to say about either.
Or at least not to write home about.

So why am I posting about it?
Because in the waves and waves of crap, there’s still the occasional gem.

For TV, the recent gems seem to be sci-fi based. Which is a bonus all things considered.
Heroes and Battlestar are what I’m mainly thinking about. And I suppose to a lesser extent Lost.
However, this year Lost has been less than stellar, so let’s drop it.
Heroes, for all it’s comic book geekiness, is a real departure from main stream comics.
In the movies, we have the classic comic book heroes; Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, the Hulk, etc.
What do we have in Heroes?
An over-enthusiastic Japanese guy that can stop time for a minute or two, a dude who can fly, a cheerleader that can’t be killed, and someone that paints the future.
Sounds pretty standard, except these people aren’t comic book icons.
The Japanese guy is tubby, the painter is a heroin addict, and fly-guy is a smarmy politician, and the cheerleader?
OK, so she’s cute 😛
But these are still far from your big screen hero types.
And maybe that’s why it’s working on TV.
They know they don’t have a budget to work with, so they have to rely on *gasp* a story!
Who’d a thunk it?

Battlestar Galatica.
I rented the mini-series, downloaded the first two seasons, and watched them for hours at a time.
I couldn’t turn away.
For me it was new and fresh and good enough to keep watching.
They had a decent budget to work with, and the writing was better than almost anything on at the time, so it kept me hooked.
I do have to admit that season three is leaving me a little flat though.
I’m not really sure where they’re headed with the current plot lines, and I’m not sure if they know.
They give the impression that they’re winging it.
Hopefully they pull it all back together.
But I’m still watching.

Ye Gods, where to begin?
A few years back I was at the theater every Friday.
I wonder if it was more to do with the fact that I had nothing to do than with the quality of the films?
The movie industry would like to think that piracy is to blame for the poor box office ratings. I’m sure it makes up a certain percentage of it, but I don’t think it’s as high as they would like to believe.
No, the reason people aren’t watching movies these days is because there’s nothing to watch.
The movie industry has hit a brick wall, but they just refuse to stop running.
How can you tell?
Remakes. It appears to me that in the last 5 years, there have been more remakes of movies or TV shows than I can remember from any other period in movie history.
We have remakes of movies less than 20 years old.
We have movie adaptations of TV shows.
And now they’re remaking movies from other cultures.
The Ring/Grudge come to mind.
Hell, with the Grudge, it was the same cast save one, same location, same everything, just in english. Why?
But there are more in the works, and others that I didn’t realise were even remakes.
Right, but this post was about gems.
Dammit, I can’t think of any this year…
Wait, yes, one. Thank You for Smoking.
I’m looking forward to The Fountain, but that’s because it was the same guy that did Pi.
I like Pi….

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