Waiting to go

5:11 on a Friday, and I’m just itching to go home.
I’ve never really liked staying past 5, in any job, it just seems to eat too much of my personal time.
But it’s only one week out of three, so I can live with it. It does allow me to sleep in a little during the week, and that’s kinda nice.

I was once told that cheaters never prosper, and that may be true in life, but hex editing one’s saved game still rocks! I got kinda bored and a little frustrated with Tron so I edited the programs that I had collected to make them all gold level. It helps a lot since the game is a little lop-sided.
I didn’t alter my stats or anything like that, just the weapon levels.
I felt that was enough.

Mandrake 9.2 has just hit the streets, about a day after I install 9.1 on the Linux box. That’s fine, I was gonna redo that anyway. This time I’m going to try a AMD K6-2 500(I think it’s 500) instead of the P2 450. I don’t know which one will be faster. But the major deciding difference might be if the AMD takes the 512Meg RAM stick. If it does, then that’s the winner.
If it doesn’t, well, whatever.

This is not to say that the usual website will be returning. Not just yet. I’ve been doing a lot of humming and hawing about how I want the new site to look and function, and I just haven’t come up with a solid plan yet. The main problem is, I have the attention span of a two year old, and everytime I see something neat or different, I want to throw that in the site!
It’s tough being me ^_^

It’s Friday, and that usually means movie night, but tonight the only thing that looks slightly interesting is Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I wouldn’t mind seeing it since I’ve seen the original(it can’t possibly be worse) but I don’t think I want to pay full price for it.
And I still haven’t seen Kill Bill, and you think that I would have by now.

TOmorrow is the big BBQ so I have to do some cleaning tonight or tomorrow.
Then Sunday is Dads birthday, and I should have gotten a card for him last night, but I’m stupid and forgot.

Other than that, I just spent 8 minutes updating the site…I still want to go home.

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