Apparently Ottawa is breaking records this week for how warm it is. And, well, it’s warm. The problem is that I still have my snow tires on. 🙁

But I have to call Mazda and see if there was supposed to be a tread wear warranty on the tires that came with the car. Seems to me that they wore out waaaay too quickly.

I’m also going to write off the first quarter in terms of goals. I mean, by now I should have read/finished three books and written one song.

I’ve done none of that. And the book part is the dumbest, as I have two books on the go that I could have just finished! Oh well.

But that doesn’t mean the rest of the year is a write off. I still plan to, overall, get all my goals accomplished. But the first quarter is a little slow.

The main problem is that I didn’t have a real plan, and everything that I’m reading about keeping your goals going is that you have to have a plan. I have no plan, I am planless. Odds are I won’t have a plan, because while I am great at making plans, I’m terrible at keeping to them. And they become a sort of goal and I don’t keep all my goals, so there 😛

Lots going on here. The wedding is coming along. We’re getting more and more RSVPs coming in, which is great 🙂

I have to sort out the groomsmen gifts, and since I know what I’m getting them, it’s actually pretty easy. It’s just a matter of getting them 🙂

And my wedding gift to Tara is coming along as well. I hope she’ll be surprised. 😀

Other than that we’re just trying to plan our honeymoon and cover bases that probably weren’t covered before but will be covered.

How many bases do we have? Dunno.

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