Wasabi Peas

Talk about a love/hate relationship.
I love the taste, yet the heat does get worse and worse for everyone that you have.
For those that haven’t had any, they’re roasted peas(yea, I didn’t know they do that either) and then infuse them with wasabi.
Super tasty!

And roasted/salted peas are really good as well.
At your local Bulk Barn, and not expensive either.

Spaced Season two is better than season one so far.
Mind you, they’re doing pop-culture parodies, and that makes it funnier.
At least to me.

I have to find more Simon Pegg stuff online, he’s a funny funny man ^_^

Mouth has cooled off, maybe more peas are in order….


  1. olletho

    Have you chased some of those with coke yet?

    Does your entire face tie in a knot when you do that too?

  2. sidekickca

    No, but now I have a quest for tomorrow!


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