Wedding Planning

Went out to the wedding venue last night, with my parents and Tara’s Mom, to ask some questions and have our initial meeting with the wedding planner/coordinator.

My initial worry/hesitation about spending so much for a venue basically went out the window after our meeting.

Don’t get me wrong, I had no issue at all spending the money to get what we wanted, and we wanted the Bean Town Ranch. I just feel better now to spend the money knowing what we get for it.

And what we get is a wedding planner for the day to make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be and doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

We went over every aspect of the wedding, from start to finish. And you could tell they’ve been doing this for a little while as she fired it all from the top of her head.

We talked about the food, the booze, the decorations, who will be doing what and when, the dance, and the day after.

It was all very well thought out and prepared.

In all honesty, I think all I have to do that day is show up and the rest will be taken care of.

They’re going to be doing so much for us it kinda hurts. Everything that I or someone else in the wedding party/guest used to have to do is taken care of. The handing out of the programs, the setting up/taking down the decorations, greeting people at the door and showing them to their table even. All taken care of.

One of our concerns was booze and wine and how that all worked. We went over every detail of the bar and found out that we don’t have to use their wine(as I think it’s a little expensive) and we can use our own as long as it’s available through the LCBO. Same with the beer.

Which is no problem for me.

Another thing that they did that kinda took me aback was that they weren’t out to milk us for every penny. She flat out said that certain things they offered were a waste of money(historically speaking) and that we were better off to spend our money in different ways.

Like the cocktail hour. We can get this champaign punch, which looks pretty, but generally no one ever drinks if there’s an open bar at the time. Which is funny, because we were thinking of getting it. Now we’re not 🙂

Same with other cocktail foods, they’ll serve the cheaper stuff first then bring out the more expensive stuff, so that we have to order less and save more.

It was just cool of them to suggest this in the first place 😀

After our head was swimming with all this info, we headed out to the closest hotel and reserved the whole damn thing for friends and family. The trick is that, if you rent 10+ rooms(I think) then they offer a free shuttle between the hotel and the ranch. Even not, it’s only $125, which is totally worth it.

So it was a really good day for wedding planning, and it really helps us out that they’re willing to help out as much as they are, if that makes sense.

And tonight, turkey dinner!

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