Wednesday Blues

The worst part about the local comic store closing it’s doors, is that on Wednesdays I don’t have anything to look forward to.
Mind you, it’s probably saving me some cash ^_^

And for lunch, curry with potentially partially spoiled beef. But just a little spoiled, so it’s still good.
I think I’ve figured out how to make a really easy curry that’s both filling and tasty. It’s not “real” curry as such, but it’s my curry, and it’s good.
And did I mention easy.
Just thinking about it, I just remembered that I forgot to take chicken out last night to thaw.

Wandered to the local Chinese Food place, and they have Bacon Fried Rice.

Still no net access, which means last night I built some things that needed building. Like a bed. Helpful that.
Also, my master plan with the shelves just isn’t working out, so I have to improvise. And that’s dangerous.
But not expensive. Yet.

I have two new lamps, and I have no idea what to do with them.
But I could use more places to sit.

And I just got a better offer on my natural gas last night. And I’ll probably go for it.
Mostly because, on day one, I signed up with Direct Energy. Then, last night, another dude from Direct Energy came and tried to sign me up.
Do these people not call each other? So that will probably be the main reason I cancel that account. That, and the other one’s cheaper, and not a “fly by night” company(just checked).
Direct Energy also isn’t a fly by night, but they’re more expensive.
Maybe I can haggle!
I suck at that…


  1. olletho

    Following the instructions on a tin of Pataks is pretty easy.

  2. flying_squirrel

    Those fixed rate gas people just come across as incredibly sleazy.

    I’m betting gas will dip a bit in the next five years anyway.

  3. sidekickca

    Best response ever to one of these guys is as follows(I’m sure I’ve told this a few times, but whatever):
    Dude comes to the door, asks for the owner.
    Owner is on the couch.
    I look at owner about to ask him to come to the door.
    Owner yells from couch “I’m sorry, we don’t use any energy here!”
    I look at dude, shrug my shoulders, and close the door.

    I really want to do this a lot.

    However, with the second company, if gas prices go down, then they’ll offer that rate anyway, so it’s not like I’m really going to loose.


  4. sidekickca

    True, but I generally don’t buy the tins. I get the seperate mix and a can of coconut milk and just go to town with odds and ends.
    Most of the time, not so bad.

    Most of the time…

  5. olletho

    Not fond of coconut milk myself I’m more of a masala girl.


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