Week Long Training

I have to tell you, this whole train the trainer thing is really slow.
I can’t imagine why someone would want ot sit in on this, unless of course it was very important to your job.
Worse yet, we’re recording it, so someone who missed it would have to watch it later.
We’re going through the API at the moment, and it’s a little dry. Now, it’s now so much the subject, the presenter is a little dry as well. But he’s a dev turned documenter, so it’s understandable.
Now this isn’t saying that I’m Mr. Energetic Presenter, I too can be dry. And I also think my section was more boring, if that’s even possible.
It was the install. About 95% of the install hasn’t changed since the last release, so on the upside it was quick ^_^

This time around we have people in the room that we are presenting to. Bit of a twist, but these guys are really nice and I’m very comfortable. Which is good because I’m not usually good presenting.
Actually, I think over the years I’ve gotten much better, and it seems that the less I prepair for something, the better I am. I’m not worried about staying on; and target is all I can think of(damn you StarWars), but I suppose schedule would be more appropriate.

I put up new shelves in my room last night. The trick was, is that these should have been a little smaller than the last ones, and this would have allowed me to put in a bedside table.
Turns out these are just as long, or not small enough to make a difference. I’ll assemble the table tonight and see how far off the sizes are.
Probably should have measured, but where would the fun be in that? This is why I don’t build things.
I’ll make it fit ^_^

Jim is off to Bangkok for two weeks, leaving me in charge of the house.
Stupid ^_^
It should all be good. I just hope Jim ventures out of the hotel, I mean, when is the next time he’s likely to be in Bangkok? I can’t remember if he can bring me back a buddha or not.

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