It’s been a little while since I updated.
I guess there’s just not much to say these days. Or at least publicly.

During the trip back from Baltimore, and I were listening to Fear the Boot, which is an RPG podcast.
It got me thinking about Shadowrun again. I should really look into getting that off the ground.
Not that it would be that hard, and I suspect I was spending too much time on the little details while forgetting the whole RPG bit.
I’ll try..I promise 😀

This weekend Tara and I are wandering about looking at garage sales for, well, whatever really.
I could find some cool cheapo stuff for the house, and that would be good.
Not just junk, I have enough of that, but actual useful stuff.

And I suspect we’ll be playing Katamari or GH 80’s at some point this weekend.
Oh yea, I got Guitar Hero 80’s Encore. Haven’t tried it, but there’s finally some Iron Maiden for the PS2.
Oh, and apparently DragonForce is gonna be in GH3. My fingers asplode!

I apparently have a meeting right now…but no one seems to be here.
Oh well.
Ah, it’s Monday now, that’s why no one is here.
Why am I here?

I suspect I’ll go see The Simpsons on Wednesday since it’s free popcorn night.

Signed up for new net access at half the price. And I think the speed is better too. Don’t know why I didn’t do this long ago.

Returned my Rogers equipment, and now I don’t have to pay them. Woot!

I’ve missed a lot of radio shows lately. That’s life I guess.

Now, now I’m just rambling ^_^

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  1. olletho

    Ah, it’s Monday now, that’s why no one is here.

    Umm dude, i think you’re reality cheque bounced.


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