Mostly good weekend.

Saturday was partially spent biking with Tara and Qanuk down the Rockcliff parkway.
It was a nice sunny day, and since we were right by the water, it was breezy enough so that we didn’t die 🙂
Qanuk loved it, pretty much running for 90 minutes straight.
Irritating in that she wasn’t tired when we got home.

We had a nice little picnic as well.

The only problem is that we had to borrow my Dad’s Nitro. Not that it was a pain to do so, but it would be nice to be able to use our own car. I have to look into getting those back bike racks for the hatch.

Saturday night and Sunday were spent doing our own projects.
Tara is starting a quilt and I’m trying to organize and clean the office.
Not to mention putting all the toys on display.
It’s kinda fun to see how much I really have, and I’m actually throwing some stuff out, and plan to sell some others at the garage sale that we’re having one day 🙂

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