Of course, the one weekend I decide to go to Toronto, Bubba-Ho-Tep decides to show up in Ottawa.
But, I might go see it Sunday night with some people from work.

I’ve also been thinking about City of Heroes as my first venture into MMPORPGTISPFPFAOFA(Massivly-Multi-Player-Online-Role-Playing-Game-That-I-Still-Pay-Full-Price-For-And-Online-Fee-Aswell) type of game. Seems right up my ally for some reason ^_^
I suspect that I will get bored with it, just like most other games.
Mind you, I could become hopelessly addicted and never leave the computer.
Who knows?

Burning CDs for the road trip. The advantage of the in-car MP3 player is that I can fit alot onto one Cd. The disadvantage is that I can fit alot onto one cd.
I have a Jonny Cash CD, and a FF and XenoGear CD. Total time, roughly 10 hours. But the question remains, do I WANT to listen to 5 hours of Jonny Cash or FF music?

Oh well, off to sleep and to dream up silly super hero names.

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