And I love it!
I have Friday off, so it’s my bi-weekly long weekend.
It rocks!

Today I get to work on the car and hope not to blow it up.
I’m installing this coolent-heater type thing, kinda like a block heater, but different. It’ll help the engine on those cold nasty mornings.

Then, I might go look for stuff for Halloween. Not sure what I’ll be looking for, but I’m sure I’ll know it when I see it.
AND, I should be looking for stuff for my Dad’s birthday, namely a present.
I should also call my mother to see what he might want. That assumes she knows in the first place.
It doesn’t appear that anyone’s home.

Well, maybe I’ll just head to a music store and pick him up a cool CD.

I don’t have much else to report really. Things have been pretty normal around here(all things considered).

The weekend in Bracebridge was cool. I saw many people, even people I didn’t expect to see but was happy to see!
I also learned how to put down sub-flooring. I figure with another few visits, I’ll know enough to make my own house!
Mind you, all it’ll have is subfloor, some windows and siding, oh, and a sink, but it’ll be the best house ever!

OK, that’s it really.

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