While Tara was away for a girls weekend, I was puttering around at home getting up to no good 🙂

Friday I tried to catch up on Horror movies, but only made it through 1(My name is Bruce) and then watched Caprica. Which kinda sucked.

I tried to watch Saw 5, Phantasm 2 and something else, but just couldn’t get into it. Granted, it was late on a Friday and I guess I was tired. I should have switched out to TV.

But I did watch most of Life After People which talks about what might happen to the world if people suddenly vanished. And for the most part, everything turns out fine. I guess just like it was before us.

Anyway, Saturday was better. Started early with a good breakfast and watched TV. Tru Blood is better than I thought it would be. I was expecting mostly hokey, but it was more than that. Also watched some Warehouse 13, which is a new SyFy show, and it’s in the same vein as Eureka, so good and kinda goofy.

That evening I had the boys over and asked everyone if they would be in my wedding party. And as I expected, they all said No 🙂

But then they said yes as I would be providing booze and food 🙂

We played poker most of the night and somewhere down the line the game shifted from who would win to who held all the white chips. Not sure how that happened 😉

In the end, Jim won the big pot of $25!

There was much drinking and eating and all was well with the world.

Sunday was much like Saturday. Caught up on some Burn Notice and House, then mowed the lawn with my dads mower.

My weed whacker is more powerful than my mower, and the grass was very very long in the back. But it got done, and that’s good.

Then my sweety returned to me and all was right in the world 😀

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