Weekend, Day Two

OK, so the smaller database, the one that took 19 hours to generate, well, it’s not good enough for the tests that I have to run.
Well, no, that’s not entirely true.
It’s not good enough for the IMPORTANT tests that I have to run.
It’s good enough for the silly little tests that no one really cares about, but not the huge honking important ones.
So now I am manually, one section at a time, generating this database. To say the least, it’s going VERY slowly.

So last night, wait, let me begin properly here.
Yesterday afternoon I started to populate a database with a nice little java app that was developed in house.
Normally, to populate to roughly 500000 records would take 8 hours on a system with 4 processors.
I’m working on a system with 16 processors. I start the same test.
I get in this morning, 19 hours later, and I have a whopping, get ready for it, 215339 records!

Now I’ve restored a database that is much smaller than we hoped to use, but that’s life I guess.
If all goes well, and we know it won’t, I should be out of here by noon. Maybe 1.

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