Weekend update

Looks like there’s an available wireless network, so I have more to do than look out into a garden.

Saturday was a busy, yet very productive day. Dad and I dug ten fence post holes in about 4 hours. It’s not easy work doing it by hand.
There were only a few stones that we had to deal with, and none of them were that bad.
Mostly it’s the firm clay that’s about 6 inches from the surface that slowed us down.
But we teamed up and tackled each hole together.
I hurt.
It’s my hands, I don’t have a lot of strength to hold things. Using a 30lb 5′ metal pry-bar, then the clamshell digger, it really takes it out of you.
Filling the hole with cement was really easy, and I think we got that done in under an hour.
It was that super quick set cement, and it set really quick 🙂

Sunday was mothers day and I went over for lunch with the folks.
My brother is taking Vanessa out on a nice picnic for mothers day, since it’s her first.
I thought that was really nice.

Then the long drive to Toronto. Mind you, I’m actually in Markham, but whatever.
What I am close to is the Pacific Mall, which could be bad.
Since Ben is busy tonight, I might just pop over there and see what’s what.

Since I’m here on a course and not business, they’ve popped me into a different kind of room.
The kind where you have to pay for net access.
Thought that was kinda weird.
Granted, it’s only $8/day, but still.
And no wireless.
But free breakfasts, which is good.
And free light dinners, which is cool. Not that I’ll use them. Not with two sushi places just around the corner 😀

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