Weekend Update

Ello All!

Friday was spent watching some mostly bad movies with Doug.
Babel was alright, although not what I expected(which is tricky, because I didn’t know what to expect) and Saw 3 was just as terrible as ever.
Other than that, it was a good time.
Doug and I don’t hang out as much as we used to now that we both have others 🙂

Saturday night was spent with Tara(speaking of others :P).
Saturday afternoon was mostly spent getting phase one of the project. Then I stopped in to see how Tara was(since I was in the neighborhood and all).
She’s bugged because I mentioned ‘the project’ and can’t tell her what it is.
This could be a lot of fun!

Sunday was spent running around getting ready for dinner with the full family.
It was Fathers Day and Tara suggested that I make dinner.
So I did.
I did beer can chicken, and it worked out *really* well. And it’s sooooo easy.
Once you figure out how to truss a chicken that is.
Tara did most of that, mostly because it appeared that she knew how. 😛

We made some extra chicken just in case. Good thing to. I have one breast left over for dinner tonight.

Doctor Who was pretty awesome, and what ended up happening is pretty much what I thought would happen since ep3.
I mean, anyone familiar with the Dr.Who story could have figured it out, but it’s nice to be right.
has a theory on this whole thing.
It does contain a spoiler. But it’s nothing super profound. So ya been warned.

Sometime on the weekend started playing Katamari.
What a strange little game. I love it!
So does Tara, which is double cool. I think she just likes rolling over people ^_^

Anyway, gotta wander back to that work thing.

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