Weekend Update

It was Helloween in full force at Parkers place this weekend, and the whole gang was there!
We ate weird things, watched in vein as little sponge thingies tried to escape from gel-caps, and played with the Wii.
The Wii is AWESOME!

I really want to get one now.

Got Guitar Hero 3 on Sunday, and pretty much finished it last night.
The final songs are just a bitch.
I did Number of the Beast, Raining Blood and One in a row. Then, THEN, they unlocked Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce.
My arm nearly fell off. 🙁

At least they had the decency to NOT tell me how poor I did on the Dragonforce song.
And this was all medium.
My main problem is that I don’t do the hammer/pull-offs well. I do them accidentally I’m sure, but when I try to do it on purpose, I die.

There’s a great cover of Devil Goes down to Georgia that I want to snag. All weedly weedly like.

Helloween is tomorrow, and Tara and I are going to hang out, watch Reaper, and scare kids with the dog 😉
Or at least give them candy.
Rockets FTW(and for the cheap)!

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  1. anonymous

    I finished medium with 5 stars on all songs on Monday, and I’m about ten songs in on Hard with all five stars.

    Also, bear in mind that some songs are only unlockable by playing through the co-op campaign.

    –Centurion, just for fun tried Through The Fire And Flame on Expert. Failed out, literally, in three seconds. And that was on Practice Mode, in Slowest speed.


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