Weekend Update

Twas a good weekend for all!
Or at least, for me.

Friday I picked Tara up after work, and basically dumped her off at my place and went out with the guys.
I mean, there was sushi to be had.
Then popped over to ‘s place to play some xbox.
Now, this would have been fine if it wasn’t for the problem with the xbox.
It was playing fine, then died.
Then, oh then, it had the red ring of death.
This is around the time and I began to quietly taunt him about how cool and reliable the xbox 360 is 😉
Anyway, it looks like it’s a problem with his Live profile, because when he wasn’t logged in, all was working fine.
Silly machine.
We played COD4 for a couple of hours. I’m happy to say I wiped the floor with their blood!
Just luck I guess 😉

Saturday was an early start to do…well, nothing really.
I think we got up, fed the animals, let them out, brought them back in, and went back to bed.
That’s all I really remember.
Then we wandered out into the world. The world in this case was the Linen Chest.
They had this sale thing on, and I picked up a couple of small things.
And a gift!
I really would like to know what I did after all that.
I think there was some video game playing(Tara was doing a paper) and then pizza followed by more games.
I know there was something else we did in the afternoon(no, not that…dirty).
Anyway, by about midnight we were both dead and fell asleep.

Sunday was woken by a kiss(awww, how sweet) then a trip to the grocery store(how…not sweet).
Then the pet store for some kittie litter(so much poop for such a small animal).
My brother popped over with his son and we put up the fence finally(well, Simon didn’t, but you get the idea).
After that, there was a little snooze, and then dinner with the folks.
Tara and I did a beer can chicken(quickly becoming my fav way to make chicken), taters, and salad.
Sadly, we weren’t able to stay too long as Tara had to rush away to finish a paper.

When I got home later tonight, I got a call from Tara.
Turns out she overwrote her good paper with a much smaller draft!
Ouchies….she’s not overly happy about it, but has a backup plan that I think is totally legit( might have a good idea what this means, it’s how he made it though).

Anyway, mostly dead tonight. Gonna go to sleep and well, sleep.

18 days down, and only 12 more to go.
This week is going to be busy as I have to work on my secret project for Tara and the not so secret project for Ben(that I’m getting paid for!).
Both have to be done by the end of the month.
One is a whole lot easier than the other.
But both are fun!

Oh, and my Mom had knee surgery. They replaced it with a new one. She’s bionic!
But sadly doesn’t make that nanananananana sound. Which I suspect would get old quickly anyway. 😉

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